Community Outreach

Leadership and Coordination

Providing leadership and being a catalyst for local schools, churches, ministries and businesses to cooperate as a community in caring for kids is a major role of the Silver Dollar City Foundation. The Care For Kids program is a major cooperative effort coordinated by the Foundation.


Supporting and partnering with organizations meeting the needs of kids and families within the community is another role of the Foundation. Partnering with the national organization Love In The Name of Christ (Love INC), a local affiliate was launched in 2001 with a grant from the Silver Dollar City Foundation. The organization partners with area churches, ministries, agencies, individuals and business leaders to provide a bridge between those in need and those with a desire to help through Love INC. Assistance is provided in areas such as transportation, financial planning, medical care access, marital and parenting classes, school readiness drives and holiday special needs.

The Silver Dollar City Foundation also partners with K-Life.┬áK-Life works alongside churches and families in the community to teach and encourage kids to be strong in the Lord in spite of all the negative pressures they face as teenagers. K-Life networks with kids from different churches, and those without a church affiliation, to build positive, Godly relationships that can withstand the negative peer pressure so prevalent in today’s youth culture